Hello Webster Commons Neighbor!

Thanks for responding to my postcard.

Since I am just starting this project, and measuring
people's response... this is a simple website for now.

I am Kevin at 23 Westover.

I'm wondering if any of the neighbors would be interested
in starting a group chat or email/phone list?

I was thinking this might be good for coordinating our
various homeowners needs, duties, activities, events, etc.

This could help the neighborhood:
> negotiate a single trash vendor for same day pickup <
> share contractor info & negotiate group pricing <
> lending tools <
> coordinating annual garage sales <
> create a destination Halloween neighborhood <
> holiday decorations <
> snow removal <
> neighborhood picnic/cookout <
> national night out activities <
> game nights <
> wine nights <

You get the idea...

The first step is creating a list and method of communication.
If you are interested in building a neighborhood group,

please contact me (Kevin): call/text (585) 678-1553

email: mail image